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Video Tip: Restoring missing presets in Cubase

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” is an axiom that seems to have fallen out of fashion with computer users, as we rush headlong to install all the latest upgrades and fixes.  Indeed, this site uses WordPress, the latest iteration of which has the ability to self-update, rather than requiring user intervention.  Which is all to the good, giving us ever more robust systems and increased functionality.

Until it goes wrong and something stops working.

Then, the cry goes up “it was working before”!  You can also end up with bits missing when the upgrade process isn’t as seamless as you’d like.  I found this problem when installing Cubase 7 on a new computer, with the presets for the MIDI inserts and the logical editor suddenly going AWOL.  This video shows how I restored them.

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