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Setting a drive letter in Windows

Whether you’re making music on laptop or a desktop computer, the point comes when you want to archive your work and free up some space on your primary drive and you reach for an external hard drive.  Not that they’re only useful for storage – the use of external drives allows you to store sample libraries without consuming large amounts of disk space, (and also means that your DAW isn’t trying to write to the hard disk at the same time as it’s trying to read from it).  With USB3 and SSD technology, the connections can be lightning fast and load times significantly reduced.  The only problem with external  drives, (apart from having to find one more power outlet), is that Windows isn’t as helpful as it could be in allocating the same drive letter each time you plug in the external drive.  In this video, I show you how to make sure that the same drive letter is allocated each time.

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