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Sample Mixes

1) Take Your Love – Everyday Jones

For this mix, I revoiced the original kick drum with a sample from Cubase’s Groove Agent 1.  I also closely edited the vocals to reduce the off-mike breathing in the backing vocals, to ensure space for the lead. Momentary Max: -12.8 LUFS, Integrated: -16.6 LUFS, Range: 7.8 LU, True Peak: -2.1dB

2) Forever Now – Kevin Blaine

Momentary Max: -15.1 LUFS, Integrated: -18.1 LUFS, Range: 3.9 LU, True Peak: -3.7dB

3) Spark – Jaego

Momentary Max: -11.7 LUFS, Integrated: -15.8 LUFS, Range: 8.1 LU, True Peak: -2.2dB

4) Known & Loved – Joel Ansett

Momentary Max: -17.2 LUFS, Integrated: -24.2 LUFS, Range: 14.1 LU, True Peak: -7.0dB

5) Lovers Far Apart – Sam Gladstein

Although recorded in a professional studio in Nashville, the string part supplied was very much a pad sound and didn’t seem to serve the needs of the song, so I wrote a new part and used the string articulations in Kontakt 5 to add some movement and underpin the build of the song. Momentary Max: -8.2 LUFS, Integrated: -13.8 LUFS, Range: 9.0 LU, True Peak: -0.6dB

6) It Is Well – Joe Gilder

I loved the choir part that Joe Gilder recorded for the end of this piece, so much so that I copied part of it to the beginning.  This mix also featured some editing of the vocals, as I opted to drop away the [minimal] instrumentation completely after the solo, to allow Joe’s vocal to shine through.  Unlike the mixes above, this song has no buss compression. Momentary Max: -9.6 LUFS, Integrated: -15.7 LUFS, Range: 7.9 LU, True Peak: -0.2dB

Paul Edmonds – all guitars

1) How Soon Can I Leave

Very definitely from my heavy period, (and the Ritchie Blackmore influence seeps through), all guitars on this song are the Variax 700, being at various points a Les Paul Standard, Les Paul Special, Guild F212 acoustic and Firebird for the solos – all electric guitars are also re-amped.

2) Flames In The Fire

More the traditional guitar-driven pop song, (even if the time signature is a little bit irregular), the electric guitar parts are all provided by the Strat, but the acoustic underneath is provided by the Variax.

3) Remember Me

A slower tempo as befits the big ballad, this song has real acoustic guitar with the Washburn D25-12 triple tracked, my rather temperamental Westone semi-acoustic playing the solo and the Tele underpinning the ending with some powerchords.

4) Gold Dust

This started out as a funk track – judge for yourself just how far it deviated from the target! The jangly chords and distorted bridge guitars are played on the Strat, with the choppier backbeat parts and the main riff played on the Tele.  

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