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Question – are you losing your bass?

When I was mixing the Changes set , I noticed that I was struggling to get a solid bass sound.  I was using my trusty Broomstick Bass, but when I put it through a VST plugin to try to add some amp character to the samples, (which were recorded DI), I seemed to be losing the low end.  Surely not, I thought?  Must be me – right?  Wrong.

I hold with the axiom that you mix with your ears and not your eyes, but in this case, I was so frustrated by what I [wasn’t] hearing, that I put a metering plugin across the output to reassure myself it was my imagination.  Only it wasn’t.  The VST plugin in question, (Cubase’s own AmpSimulator), was effectively acting as if there was a High Pass Filter in line and was removing the low end of the signal.  This sent me on a path to find VST plugins that would add the character I was looking for, without costing me that low end energy.

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