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Exporting a project from your DAW

No man is an island, and neither are musicians, although the revolution in music technology we are enjoying has made the project home studio affordable in a way it’s never been before.  However, there are times when you want to collaborate or you need to share what’s on your computer with someone else, be it for them to mix, edit or whatever.  Sometimes, just sending them an MP3 to use as a guide will work – it’s certainly the best way of working with any virtual session musicians you might use – but when it comes to mixing or more in-depth collaboration, it isn’t enough.  Unless you’re both using the same DAW with the same virtual instruments and plugins, something won’t translate, so the best thing to do is to export your project as audio files, (“stems”).  Even so, there are steps you can take to make the export as successful as possible and, in this video, I talk about what they are and show you how to export a project from Cubase 7.0

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