Why pay full price?

If you’ve watched any of the videos on this blog or read any of the articles, you’ll know that I have a good selection of virtual instruments and plugins that I run through Cubase.  Whilst I like having these, I don’t like paying full price for anything, (it all seems so expensive).  In this video, I look at how to get perfectly legal copies of your must-have plugins from the manufacturers without paying full price – and on occasion, without paying at all!  And to prove the point, I end by showing you how you can get an effects plugin of any type you want for free.

When I posted the video below on YouTube, there were sales on and, as I post this on the blog, there are more sales on again.  It just goes to prove the point I make in the video, that if you can live without a piece of kit that you want to (eventually) add to your toolbox, you can save yourself a lot of money in the long run.



Reamping with JJP Guitars

So you’ve got a recorded guitar that’s already got an amp sound and you want to beef it up, but you don’t want to add any more overdrive or distortion.  Amp-simulating plugins aren’t what you need, but the JJP guitars plugin from Waves might be what you’re looking for.  With genre-specific variations on the theme of each preset, it uses different effects processed in parallel with and blended with the original single to enhance the original recording.


Re-Amping with CLA Guitars

Re-amping is one of those concepts that divides people.  It all depends if you prioritise getting the sound absolutely right when you record it, or whether you prioritise capturing the performance and polishing the sound later.  After years of using virtual instruments and [limited] options for guitar sounds, I’m definitely in the latter camp.  In this video, I look what re-amping is and how it can be achieved, using the CLA Guitars plugin from Waves.  I also talk about how I record guitars to give me the best of both worlds when it comes to mixing.  This is the first of a short series of videos looking at a few of the plugins available for re-amping or post processing guitars.


From The Boiler Room: January Update

renaissance-bassSo Christmas is a time for relaxing, taking time out and doing the fun things in life, right?  What world are you living in…..  I had no sooner posted the December update than progress came to an almost complete standstill, as preparations for the festivities took over and I was presented with enough vegetables to feed a small country for a year that needed to be peeled and sliced by Christmas Eve.  Add in the welcome opportunity to spend some quality time with a family I don’t see enough of and there aren’t enough hours in the day.  However, in the lull between New Year and actually going back to work, I did manage to squeeze some time in for music.  Oddly, the most satisfying thing was the least productive – I took advantage of being home for a few days to clear out the flotsam and jetsam that tends to accrue in my study whilst I’m away.  I now no longer have to step over random boxes to get to my chair and when I sit down, I sit down at a clear desk.  Luxury! [Read more…]