Moving your Kontakt Libraries

Having struggled with moving the EZDrummer2 libraries to my SSD audio drive, I was prepared for an equal struggle with Kontakt.  However, as you don’t have to force Kontakt into an error to move the libraries, (unlike EZDrummer2), the task was less fraught, although it still didn’t quite work the way I expected…


Adding a Solid State Drive (SSD) as an audio drive

mx100-2-5-ssdOne of the main upgrades that you can do to improve the performance of a computer is to replace the collection of spinning metal plates that make up your hard disk with something that has no moving parts at all – a Solid State Drive or SSD.  Although my PC is well specc’d for a laptop – 6GB of RAM, 750GB hard disk and Core i7 processor – that drive is a 5,400rpm model.  Which, for most things you’d use a laptop for, is fine, but not for audio, as the normal recommended speed is 7,200 rpm, which is not that common as an OEM component.  However, my laptop also comes with a spare 2.5” drive bay, so I installed a 512GB SSD drive as a second drive yesterday.  Normally, people install an SSD as a replacement for their primary drive, to get fast boot and load times for programs, but I had different priorities.  I don’t mind waiting a few minutes for Cubase to load, but it’s once I open a project that the hard drive really starts to get stressed.

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On not paying the price

UltrachannelScreenshot3As something of a prelude to Monday’s video on YouTube, (in which I will show how to build up a sound selection of legitimate plugins without the necessity of paying full price), I wanted to highlight a couple of current offers that weren’t available when I recorded the video, but are time limited:

Native Instruments summer upgrade – I talk in the video about how NI sometimes have sales, well here’s proof. Available for the next week, existing users of NI software have the opportunity to upgrade to the latest version or crossgrade their product to Komplete, all for 50% off. The prices are still a bit on the eye-watering side, but if you’re in the market for an upgrade, now is your chance.

At the other end of the scale, Eventide are offer their new UltraChannel channel strip, (which will retail at $249) after the offer ends, for FREE, until July 8th. You will need to have an iLok account, (although not an iLok itself), in order to download the license key, but that’s a small price to pay for such a well-configured plugin. It’s available in VST, AU and AAX versions for both Windows PC and Mac.


From The Boiler Room: January Update

renaissance-bassSo Christmas is a time for relaxing, taking time out and doing the fun things in life, right?  What world are you living in…..  I had no sooner posted the December update than progress came to an almost complete standstill, as preparations for the festivities took over and I was presented with enough vegetables to feed a small country for a year that needed to be peeled and sliced by Christmas Eve.  Add in the welcome opportunity to spend some quality time with a family I don’t see enough of and there aren’t enough hours in the day.  However, in the lull between New Year and actually going back to work, I did manage to squeeze some time in for music.  Oddly, the most satisfying thing was the least productive – I took advantage of being home for a few days to clear out the flotsam and jetsam that tends to accrue in my study whilst I’m away.  I now no longer have to step over random boxes to get to my chair and when I sit down, I sit down at a clear desk.  Luxury! [Read more…]