Question – are you losing your bass?

When I was mixing the Changes set , I noticed that I was struggling to get a solid bass sound.  I was using my trusty Broomstick Bass, but when I put it through a VST plugin to try to add some amp character to the samples, (which were recorded DI), I seemed to be losing the low end.  Surely not, I thought?  Must be me – right?  Wrong.

I hold with the axiom that you mix with your ears and not your eyes, but in this case, I was so frustrated by what I [wasn’t] hearing, that I put a metering plugin across the output to reassure myself it was my imagination.  Only it wasn’t.  The VST plugin in question, (Cubase’s own AmpSimulator), was effectively acting as if there was a High Pass Filter in line and was removing the low end of the signal.  This sent me on a path to find VST plugins that would add the character I was looking for, without costing me that low end energy.


Video Tutorial – Cubase Mix Console Racks – The Pre Rack

Having had a good look at the Sends & Inserts functions in Cubase in previous videos, this is the first of a 3 part video series looking at some of the other functions that can be accessed through the Mix Console racks.  This video looks at how to show or hide the racks in the Mix Console window and takes an in-depth look at the Pre Rack, one of the hidden treasures of Cubase 7.