On not paying the price

UltrachannelScreenshot3As something of a prelude to Monday’s video on YouTube, (in which I will show how to build up a sound selection of legitimate plugins without the necessity of paying full price), I wanted to highlight a couple of current offers that weren’t available when I recorded the video, but are time limited:

Native Instruments summer upgrade – I talk in the video about how NI sometimes have sales, well here’s proof. Available for the next week, existing users of NI software have the opportunity to upgrade to the latest version or crossgrade their product to Komplete, all for 50% off. The prices are still a bit on the eye-watering side, but if you’re in the market for an upgrade, now is your chance.

At the other end of the scale, Eventide are offer their new UltraChannel channel strip, (which will retail at $249) after the offer ends, for FREE, until July 8th. You will need to have an iLok account, (although not an iLok itself), in order to download the license key, but that’s a small price to pay for such a well-configured plugin. It’s available in VST, AU and AAX versions for both Windows PC and Mac.


Video Tutorial – Cubase Mix Console Racks – The Channel Strip

The big addition to Cubase 7 was the replacement of the old mixer view with the Mix Console and its Racks system.  The biggest of the Racks, (and the biggest change), was the addition of a built in Channel Strip, removing the need to use a third-party plugin.  This video looks at the Channel Strip in some detail and compares its built-in effects with the corresponding plugins that Cubase offers, where there are direct parallels.