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New Mix – “Ava’s Song”

This mix of “Ava’s Song” by Sean Hebert was done using only the stock plug-ins in Cubase 7, as I got to grips with the new MixConsole and other features.  I didn’t run it into a compressor when I mixed it, instead opting to keep the levels well below 0dB at the output, so it has a wide dynamic range.  One of the features in Cubase 7 is an EBU-complaint loudness meter and, for those interested, I’ve posted the loudness details below.

Momentary Max: -11.4 LUFS, Integrated: -17.2 LUFS, Range: 18.5 LU, True Peak: -1.8dB

A touch on the quiet side, perhaps, but as the man said, you can always turn it up.

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