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Why should you trust your music to someone you’ve never met?  The Internet offers you as the artist the widest possible range of engineers ready to add their individual style to your song, offering you far more choice than you find locally or probably even in a major city, at a price to suit your budget.  You can find someone sympathetic to your style, who will bring a fresh pair of ears to your song and whose experience in mixing and arranging will be brought to bear.  It’s cost effective for you – the fixed prices offered by most online mixers can work out much less costly in the long run than an hourly rate even in a small studio.  Every online mixer has their own style and will differ in what they bring to your mix – you need to be sure, so listen to the samples or contact me to discuss your requirements.

What I use

A selection of available VST effectsI use Steinberg Cubase 7 64bit version as my DAW of choice, running on a Windows 7 PC with an Intel Core i7 processor and 6GB of RAM, which is more than enough to run Cubase, its stock effects and whatever I pick from the following suites to work with on your song:

  • Slate Digital Virtual Console Collection, (VCC)
  • Slate Digital Virtual Tape Machines, (VTM)
  • Slate Digital Virtual Buss Compressors, (VBC)
  • Waves Vitamin, Vocal Rider and Bass Rider
  • Waves CLA  & JJP Signature Series plugins
  • Native Instruments Vintage Compressors
  • IK Multimedia Classic T-Racks
  • 112db Redline Reverb
  • Toontrack EzMix 2
  • and selected other plugins.


You can hear some examples of songs I’ve mixed on the Samples page.

How it works

Send me individual stems for each instrument, unprocessed, just the way they were recorded, either mono or stereo.  You need to make sure that they’re all in the same format, e.g. 24bit at 44.1Khz.  I can accept any format that Cubase will import directly, but I’d recommend .wav or .flac files to avoid losing any quality.  You can either use Dropbox or upload them to a web server and send me the link.  If the tempo is not static, (and why should it be?), you can send me the tempo changes either by exporting a MIDI file type 1 of the song or a text file with the tempo map generated by your DAW.

Once I have downloaded the files, I’ll set to work on your mix.  After a full listen through to each track, to ensure that the files are not corrupted and to understand what’s there in the song, I’ll work through the song to create a full stereo mix with EQ, compression & effects applied.

What you get

Once I have the mix ready, I will send it to you as an .mp3 file for you to listen to.  Your fee includes up to 2 revisions of the mix and I want your feedback on where you think the mix isn’t matching with your vision of how it should sound – after all, it’s your song.  When you’ve agreed the mix, I will send you a PayPal invoice.

Once payment clears, I will send to you the final version as a 24 bit .wav file ready for mastering.  I will also send you an .mp3 version run through a limiter to boost the level, ready to load onto your iPod or MP3 Player.  I do not offer a mastering service, but I will also send you a version processed through some mastering plug-ins in a style to suit your song, as an .mp3, so that you have a starting point to discuss with your mastering engineer.  You then pick one of the .mp3s and I will send it to you as a 16 bit .wav file, ready for you to burn to CD if you want to.  So you end up with:

  1. High quality 24 bit mix in .wav format ready for mastering;
  2. Normalised .mp3 of the .wav file;
  3. Demo mastered version in .mp3 format;
  4. Your choice of 1-3 as a CD ready 16 bit .wav file.

The fee below does not include editing of audio files, either for pitch or timing, comping of vocals or the revoicing of MIDI tracks.  Currently, I offer a mixing service for audio tracks only.

What it costs





£50 – [currency amount=”50″ from=”GBP” to=”USD” show_from=false append=”” round_append=””] – [currency amount=”50″ from=”GBP” to=”EUR” show_from=false append=”” round_append=””]£90 – [currency amount=”90″ from=”GBP” to=”USD” show_from=false append=”” round_append=””] – [currency amount=”90″ from=”GBP” to=”EUR” show_from=false append=”” round_append=””]£130 – [currency amount=”130″ from=”GBP” to=”USD” show_from=false append=”” round_append=””] – [currency amount=”130″ from=”GBP” to=”EUR” show_from=false append=”” round_append=””]£170 – [currency amount=”170″ from=”GBP” to=”USD” show_from=false append=”” round_append=””] – [currency amount=”170″ from=”GBP” to=”EUR” show_from=false append=”” round_append=””]
1-12 Stems13-24 Stems25-36 Stems37-48 Stems
All prices include for 2 revisions to the mix
plus your 24-bit .wav file ready for mastering
plus a normalised .mp3
and a demo of your track as it could be mastered, in .mp3 format
and your choice of the above as 16-bit .wav file ready for printing to CD

Stems refers to the number of separate audio files you send, (a stereo file is still one stem), and does not include any extra channels I add to the mix for grouping or effects sends.

I will render instrumental only versions or backing track versions for an additional cost.   And if you’re a band and the guitarist, (why is it always the guitarist?), just has to have his guitars a bit louder in the mix, then I can give you a tweaked mix for him/her for the same price, in whatever format makes him or her happiest.  And a happy guitarist can only be a good thing.

Instrumental Mix

Feature Mix

Either option – one price: £15 – [currency amount=”15″ from=”GBP” to=”USD” show_from=false append=”” round_append=””] – [currency amount=”15″ from=”GBP” to=”EUR” show_from=false append=”” round_append=””]
Your main mix with the vocal removedYour main mix with featured instrument boosted by 3dB
Mastered for live sound at RMS level you specifyYour choice of format as 16-bit .wav file ready for printing to CD
[currency_legal prepend=’Please note: This site trades in pounds sterling. Currency values shown in US dollars and Euros – ‘]  Actual price for my services in your currency will be confirmed before we agree to work together.

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