What It Costs

I’ve placed the tables with my prices at the bottom of the Mix Engineer and Session Guitar pages, but sometimes, you just want to cut to the chase before you read all the reasons why I’m the man for the job.  If that’s the case, this page is for you.

Prices are given in £ sterling, US dollars and Euros.  The USD and EUR prices are updated automatically, but I’ll fix the price you pay at what it is on the day you order.

Mix Engineer

Count up the number of tracks in your DAW, then look up in the table below what I will charge for a project of that size.





£50 – £ 50 – £ 50 £90 – £ 90 – £ 90 £130 – £ 130 – £ 130 £170 – £ 170 – £ 170
1-12 Stems 13-24 Stems 25-36 Stems 37-48 Stems
All prices include for 2 revisions to the mix
plus your 24-bit .wav file ready for mastering
plus a normalised .mp3
and a demo of your track as it could be mastered, in .mp3 format
and your choice of the above as 16-bit .wav file ready for printing to CD


Session Guitar

The tone and sound to suit your song at a very competitive price:

Single Guitar

Additional Parts

£50 – £ 50 – £ 50 £35 – £ 35 – £ 35
Single guitar part fully processed with amp and FX, ready to import into your session and mix Additional part for the same song, fully processed with amp and FX, ready to import into your session and mix
24-bit stereo .WAV file unless you specify otherwise
Mono DI recording of performance for reamping electric guitars


Please note: This site trades in pounds sterling. Currency values shown in US dollars and Euros - For informational purposes only. Exchange rates may vary. Based on ECB reference rates. Actual price for my services in your currency will be confirmed before we agree to work together.