New Mix – “Flattery & Lies”

I’ve thrown my hat into the ring for the mixing contest being run by Mixnotes.TV  The song is “Flattery & Lies” by Caitlin Eadie.  It’s an interesting combination of sampled drums playing against acoustic and electric guitars, with a double bass in place of a bass guitar or synth and some tasteful keyboards to underpin the vocal.


Video Tutorial – Revoicing live drums using hitpoints

So you’ve got a recording of a real drummer playing on your track and the performance is hot, but the sounds aren’t?   You might want to replace the drums with samples or augment them to reinforce the sound of one or more of the drums.  Whilst there are plugins available that will do the job, this video shows how you can go about revoicing live drums using Cubase’s built-in functionality.


New Mix – “Invincible”

This is my mix of “Invincible”, a new song from LA-based singer/songwriter Daniel Sobrino.  It features more synths and electronic drums than other mixes I’ve included on the site, but is still driven by an acoustic guitar that runs throughout and some nice harmony vocals in there as well.

Momentary Max: -11.5 LUFS, Integrated: -16.4 LUFS, Range: 8.3 LU, True Peak -0.5dB


New Mix – “Thanks For Breakfast”

This mix is something a little different – no guitars!  “Thanks For Breakfast” is a song by Jessica Ripka and is driven by her piano playing, supported by some very nifty strings – there are only two string players on the song, but they overdubbed themselves repeatedly to create a full string section.

Momentary Max: -11.2 LUFS, Integrated: -16.2 LUFS, Range 7.4 LU, True Peak -1.4dB, no buss limiting


New Mix – “Already There”

This is the mix of a song by Graham Cochrane, whose blog at The Recording Revolution is well worth checking out – he’s very much a ProTools user, but he posts a lot of material that is not limited to ProTools, but can be applied in any DAW.  I’m a subscriber and you should be too, if you’re serious about improving the quality of your recording and mixing.

Momentary Max: -11.0 LUFS, Integrated: -15.6 LUFS, Range 13.6LU, True Peak -0.5dB, no buss limiting


New Mix – “Of Harlots & Harlequin”

Something a little different, in a new mix of an original song by Havok Way.  Heavier than some I’ve posted in recent months, (despite having only two main guitar parts, not the multiply-tracked guitars you’d expect in a modern metal recording), this song harks back to the early days of Prog Rock, (and I don’t see anything wrong with that), with its Mellotron choir, girl vocals and extended instrumental outro.  And all in under 3:30 as well.

Momentary Max: -10.4 LUFS, Integrated: -15.9 LUFS, Range 5.8LU, True Peak -0.6dB, no buss limiting