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From The Boiler Room: Sketching An Arrangement [Video]

Chord Track video

When I was thinking through my approach to recording the songs I’ve picked, I said I would be using the Chord Track in Cubase 7 to sketch out the arrangements.  I’ve done this, using just one keyboard sound that fits in with the song as I hear it in my head today.  I’ve not taken much time to pick the sound – what’s being used now is just the first sound that I came to that fitted.  I very much doubt that these sounds will feature on the final tracks; they’re just to give a voice to the chords.

The process was intentionally rough and ready, but the Chord Track works well with that approach.  Apart from editing out a couple of moments when my tongue tripped over my teeth, the video below is in real time.  It shows me setting up the Chord Track for the song “Too Far From Home”, starting with my default template and finishing with the song arrangement sketched out in full.

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