Referencing your mix using Magic AB

Referencing your mixes against tracks that you like the sound of and that you’re familiar with is good practice, but the mechanics of routing the tracks through your DAW or monitoring system can be off-putting.  What you need is a simple, straightforward way of comparing your mix with your chosen reference tracks without all the hassle of plugging and unplugging leads or of setting up a reference tracks buss so you can mute and unmute them at the appropriate moment.  That’s what Magic AB from SampleMagic is designed to do and in this video, I look at how it can replace that ugly patching with a single, well-placed plugin.


Hasta La Vista, Baby

windows_vista_logoFor a while now, I’ve been running two computers – my main “home” computer has been a tower system and I’ve had a laptop for making music, as the tower wasn’t up to running much in the way of music software any more, being  7 years old and, more pertinently, as it was running Windows Vista 32 Bit. However, it was still perfectly adequate for running Office, casual surfing of the net and reading e-mails, (although my Outlook file had grown to such a size that any new e-mail took more than a few seconds to open).   A couple of weeks ago, it wouldn’t boot at the first time of asking, throwing a DOS disk error, but like a fool, I ignored this harbinger of doom.  Well, not quite – I did something worse and, with hindsight, something that could have been monumentally stupid.

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