New Mix – “Flattery & Lies”

I’ve thrown my hat into the ring for the mixing contest being run by Mixnotes.TV  The song is “Flattery & Lies” by Caitlin Eadie.  It’s an interesting combination of sampled drums playing against acoustic and electric guitars, with a double bass in place of a bass guitar or synth and some tasteful keyboards to underpin the vocal.


Conserving Disk Space

Recording in a DAW is liberating – we can have as many tracks as we want and are only limited in what we can record by the available space on our hard disk. The problem is, hitting the Delete key to get rid of a bad take doesn’t necessarily delete the recording, it can just hide it. In this video, I look at where the recorded audio is stored in Cubase and at how easy it is to fill your hard disk with unwanted audio, (as well as a simple addition to your workflow that means you won’t have to worry about it).



Alternatives to Automation

Automation is an invaluable tool for adding colour to a mix, as well as its more mundane use for controlling volume, be it levelling peaks in tracks or adding swells and fades. However, its big drawback is that once you’ve written the automation, you can’t then go back and tweak the levels without editing the automation. In this video, I look at using clip gain and muting to balance parts of a recorded track against the rest of that track, without using automation that would impact on the levels of the recorded sound against the rest of my mix.