It’s broken!

If you’re thinking that the website looks a little different today, that’s because it is.  I’ve had to apply one of the default WordPress themes, as the latest updates to the Jetpack plugin were stopping the pages displaying correctly, (and as I use the Jetpack shortcodes in my tweets, I can’t really disable Jetpack).  So I’m in the market for a new theme and, until I get that sorted out, things will have to stay this way for now.


Video Tutorial – Editing Automation

Once you’ve got your automation data recorded in your project, whether you wrote it in on the lane or recorded it in real time, there’s likely to be extraneous automation points that you want to delete or, as your mix progresses, there will be changes that you want to make. This video looks at the options for editing automation in Cubase.


Video Tutorial – Writing Automation

Sometimes, it’s not possible to record the automation data you need by moving a mouse as the song plays back – for example, a MIDI controller or a parameter that you can’t get a satisfactory degree of control over in real time. However, it can be just as easy, (and sometimes easier), to write the automation data straight into your DAW rather than try to record it. In this video, I look at how that’s done in Cubase.