New Mix – “Already There”

This is the mix of a song by Graham Cochrane, whose blog at The Recording Revolution is well worth checking out – he’s very much a ProTools user, but he posts a lot of material that is not limited to ProTools, but can be applied in any DAW.  I’m a subscriber and you should be too, if you’re serious about improving the quality of your recording and mixing.

Momentary Max: -11.0 LUFS, Integrated: -15.6 LUFS, Range 13.6LU, True Peak -0.5dB, no buss limiting


Video Tutorial – Cubase Mix Console Racks – Quick Controls

Unlike some of the features in the Pre Rack and the Channel Strip, Quick Controls have been in several releases of Cubase already.  However, they’ve been something of an unsung hero and their usefulness hasn’t been immediately obvious.  This video looks at the Quick Controls, how to set them up and how to use them in a mix.  The new feature they offer is that you can now assign Quick Controls to the Channel Strip effects, allowing you to bring the key effects parameters on each channel together in one panel.


Video Tutorial – Cubase Mix Console Racks – The Channel Strip

The big addition to Cubase 7 was the replacement of the old mixer view with the Mix Console and its Racks system.  The biggest of the Racks, (and the biggest change), was the addition of a built in Channel Strip, removing the need to use a third-party plugin.  This video looks at the Channel Strip in some detail and compares its built-in effects with the corresponding plugins that Cubase offers, where there are direct parallels.



Video Tutorial – Cubase Mix Console Racks – The Pre Rack

Having had a good look at the Sends & Inserts functions in Cubase in previous videos, this is the first of a 3 part video series looking at some of the other functions that can be accessed through the Mix Console racks.  This video looks at how to show or hide the racks in the Mix Console window and takes an in-depth look at the Pre Rack, one of the hidden treasures of Cubase 7.


New Mix – “Of Harlots & Harlequin”

Something a little different, in a new mix of an original song by Havok Way.  Heavier than some I’ve posted in recent months, (despite having only two main guitar parts, not the multiply-tracked guitars you’d expect in a modern metal recording), this song harks back to the early days of Prog Rock, (and I don’t see anything wrong with that), with its Mellotron choir, girl vocals and extended instrumental outro.  And all in under 3:30 as well.

Momentary Max: -10.4 LUFS, Integrated: -15.9 LUFS, Range 5.8LU, True Peak -0.6dB, no buss limiting


Video Tip – EQ on Effects Channels

A quick tip this time, building on the videos about the uses of sends.  The videos looked at the use of sends in their most basic form, i.e. what a send could be used for and how to set one up.  This tip takes that a stage further and looks at an example of how I used EQ on the effects channels to make a subtle change to some backing vocals on a song: