Video Tutorial – Effects Sends

This is the first of three videos looking at the use of sends in mixing a song.  It covers the classic use of sends for effects channels, whereby the signal from multiple tracks is routed to a single effect on its own channel.  This allows the effect to “glue” the tracks together and reduces the processing demand on the computer from multiple instances of the same effects plugin, as well as making it simpler, as only one plugin needs adjusting to change the mix, rather than several.


Video Tutorial – Effects Inserts

Inserts are the most straightforward way of adding effects to your mix, but aren’t necessarily the most effective way and can add considerably to the drain on your CPU resources.  This video looks at what inserts effects are, how to add them in your DAW and breaks down a finished song to look at what effects were used in the mmix and where they were used.


New Mix – “Ava’s Song”

This mix of “Ava’s Song” by Sean Hebert was done using only the stock plug-ins in Cubase 7, as I got to grips with the new MixConsole and other features.  I didn’t run it into a compressor when I mixed it, instead opting to keep the levels well below 0dB at the output, so it has a wide dynamic range.  One of the features in Cubase 7 is an EBU-complaint loudness meter and, for those interested, I’ve posted the loudness details below.

Momentary Max: -11.4 LUFS, Integrated: -17.2 LUFS, Range: 18.5 LU, True Peak: -1.8dB

A touch on the quiet side, perhaps, but as the man said, you can always turn it up.